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"Numb to da Love" is the new single from K-JiL's forthcoming EP, "Subvert Lova"!


Verse 1: An abyss between us, even when we're holding hands
Red flags and I still didn't take a stand
You made me feel like love was your tune
I felt it and I tasted all the love you'd exude
High hopes gone down so low, cuz my hope for love no longer lives here, I don't feel it
Ya took it like ya hacked it and ya wore it like a jacket, ya packed it in the attic and ya left it
Pre chorus: And I can't even say that ya stole my heart away
Cuz I took it out and handed it to ya
And I'd sit and I'd listen to everything that ya had to say, but I'm wondering
If anything ya said was true
Chorus: And now I can't feel a thing, I can't feel a thing (don't feel it, don't feel it) I can't feel a thing
Nah, nah, I'm talkin' bout this love thing, I can't feel it no
I can't feel a thing (don't feel it, don't feel it), I can't feel a thing, I can't feel a thing (don't feel it, don't feel it)
I'm numb to it, numb, numb, numb to da love
Verse 2: It's not physical attraction I'm deprived of
It's the emotional effect after ya lost love
All my efforts to maintain love has ceased
And so the next time it occurs, it'll be a breeze
Say ya love me, then reject and I'll just laugh
"LOL, so numb" would be my hashtag
You ask me am I over love? Very! But catch me makin' out with Ben & Jerry's
(Repeat Pre chorus)
Bridge: Truth is, I'm only in the moment, but can you blame me? Love is an investment that you rarely reap the benefits of, it's kinda scary
To know that I will go to any extent, extend myself physically, mentally, for another, who only has ability to say that they love, but they can't define it, so when they find it, it's a little heavy, oh that's a leap, that's a part of the hill that starts to get too steep.
I say I'm numb, but I feel it, I want it, but when I find it, will I lose it, or keep it? Be appreciated, or mistreated? Treat it as a friend request and just delete it? End up adopting kids like Brangelina? So next time I have infinitive heights that I'm livin', definitive vibes, no slippin, but for now..
Chorus (x2)