K-JiL is an American recording artist, lyricist, rapper and performer from JiLville, looking develop to sounds of hip-hop, rock, soul and funk. He initially gained recognition for his unique storytelling via his eclectic fusion of alternative rock and hip-hop that defined his solo album debut, The Comfort Zone: Season 1 in 2012.

The title track including feature of rapper Von Stacks, member of the Baltimore based group SU THE CLIQUE, also elevated K-JiL as a forerunner of Baltimore’s music scene.

Inspired by The Twilight Zone and a mission to expand imaginations everywhere and make an impact on music, K-JiL released the official music video for the track Typewriter featuring John Beshaw Farrell in collaboration with Space Cadet films which served as the precursor to his sophomoric album The Comfort Zone: Season 2 in 2015 that is narrated by Edmond Coffie of Redco Films.

Shortly after the release, K-JiL began promotion of the album in the tri-state area with solo and full band performances backed by Gwanaus members Brandon McClasky and Matt Domser, along with guitarist Dan Roehrig.

K-JiL’s  high energy performances of his inspirational and conscientious musical episodes have appeared  on the Manhattan Neighborhood network show R U A Star and  K-JiL is currently creating the next installment of the Underdog saga.